Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrate the Night

I’ve been sorting through paperwork most of the day. After dinner I stepped outside with a bit of cinnamon whiskey and watched and listened to the night come in.

 Wonderful time of day. Not a breath of wind this evening just a wonderful dusk darkening into night.

 The mastiffs came out with me and romped around the yard going on guard as they heard one neighbor’s dog then another go on barking guard. The first dog sounded about a mile from me… the second about a half mile. Whatever night predator set them on alert was moving through not sticking around those places.

A cow was lowing, calling out, not in terror, more like calling a calf. I leaned on my fence listening to two owls call back and forth.

The night is coming alive.

Life  is a journey, savor the moments

Mary E. Robbins
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