Friday, April 20, 2012

Beautiful Calm Morning

Good Morning Peeps… Beautiful Calm Morning. No wind at all.

The sun is shining melting the ice from the freeze last night. Ran the house Pominators out before the sun was up… they are back inside sleeping again now. The mastiffs are out in the house yard.

I hear Captain (Yellow Lab) doing his morning bark routine. Must be a ranch cat in the midyard bugging him. Or he is barking just to be barking as he seems to like to do. He is in a solo run next to Bully (lab cross)and Jazzy (pit lab cross). All three came in at the same time the summer of 2003. They were dog/human aggressive and were to be put down, so here they are 9 years later. Jazzy is getting a bit gray around the muzzle, she is a shiny black spayed female.

My right knee is screaming this morning. I put some Blue Emu on it… let that absorb then some Unkers. Still hurts but it’s holding . Have my kelso earth shoes on they seem to make a significant positive difference with my knees so I’ll just see how the day goes. The bugger is grinding pretty good this morning. The worst thing I could do is not use it… so tough on the grinding I’m taking the trash out to the burn bin.

I made a pen out of sheet metal steel posts and grates across the top to cut down on fire hazard. After this bin fills up with ashes, I’ll break it down and move it to another spot in the chicken yard. The chickens and other birds us the ashes to dust in. No mites on my feathered friends… lol…

Heard pheasant call again this morning. That sound always makes me smile.

Life is a journey... appreciate the moments.
Mary E. Robbins
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