Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stepped outside to breath in the moist cool air... it's 22 degrees F here this morning and a bit of snow is falling. I paused a moment and soaked in the concert of bird song for a moment. Of course the Pominators were trying to compete as I had left them in the house. Yes they put up a howl every time I go out the door without them. Gave all the house hairballs a bit of baked acorn squash... all but one loves it. Baked with a bit of olive oil.

Thinking about what to plant in garden... pumpkins, mini pumpkins, varieties of winter squash, some summer yellow straight neck, and some zucchini... the winter squash is more for the dogs and chickens than for me.

Thinking I'll go ahead and order 4 mulberry trees. Going to plant them in the chicken yards I think... with protection around them of course... that way when they bear fruit the chickens can eat whatever falls from the trees... Hopefully I'll be able to get a bit for myself as well... we have an abundance of birds... if not then at least the birds will have some fruit to eat.... hopefully the chickens will keep the grasshoppers off the trees this way as well.

haven't started coffee yet...
going to grind up the squash that's left ... seeds rind and all... some the rinds had gotten too hard... I baked them anyway... then cracked them open and gave them to the chickens... they were happy hens...

may you walk in peace

appreciate the moments
Mary E. Robbins
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later in the day... 10:47 a.m.

Decided to go ahead and get wood in and get the ranch rounds done... it was snowing... and as I was not sure how much we were going to get... thought it was a good plan to get with it before much piled up. 

Thankfully we were not windy... listened to a dove call all the way through ranch rounds... only one egg today... Puss Cat was asking for some so I gave it to her. She is a long haired calico kitty that lives here.

Refilled the chicken feed... listened to the girls (hen) visit with me... love that sound. Checked the cat feeding stations... fed the big dogs, checked the pominators feed stations... fresh water to everyone... gave all the dogs treats... brought a muck bucket tub of feed down here and put it in the feed can. emptied the ashes... and finally got that cup of coffee... 

Then called one of mom's friends at golden living and visited with her a bit. She had been on my mind for several days... she is a good lady and she and mom were really close... they called each other sisters. Mom crossed over in September 2012

 Glad to be back inside... the view to the south east across to the wild cat hills was sure beautiful though... David would stop and just gaze out across the rangeland... or look up to the skies... the skies especially at night with the spray of stars ... planets... and the moon... and just marvel at the beauty of this planet... he loved it out here... in truth I do as well although it kicks my behind on a regular basis...

David crossed over December 25th 2012 ... I wonder what vistas he can see now... 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrate the Night

I’ve been sorting through paperwork most of the day. After dinner I stepped outside with a bit of cinnamon whiskey and watched and listened to the night come in.

 Wonderful time of day. Not a breath of wind this evening just a wonderful dusk darkening into night.

 The mastiffs came out with me and romped around the yard going on guard as they heard one neighbor’s dog then another go on barking guard. The first dog sounded about a mile from me… the second about a half mile. Whatever night predator set them on alert was moving through not sticking around those places.

A cow was lowing, calling out, not in terror, more like calling a calf. I leaned on my fence listening to two owls call back and forth.

The night is coming alive.

Life  is a journey, savor the moments

Mary E. Robbins
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Beautiful Calm Morning

Good Morning Peeps… Beautiful Calm Morning. No wind at all.

The sun is shining melting the ice from the freeze last night. Ran the house Pominators out before the sun was up… they are back inside sleeping again now. The mastiffs are out in the house yard.

I hear Captain (Yellow Lab) doing his morning bark routine. Must be a ranch cat in the midyard bugging him. Or he is barking just to be barking as he seems to like to do. He is in a solo run next to Bully (lab cross)and Jazzy (pit lab cross). All three came in at the same time the summer of 2003. They were dog/human aggressive and were to be put down, so here they are 9 years later. Jazzy is getting a bit gray around the muzzle, she is a shiny black spayed female.

My right knee is screaming this morning. I put some Blue Emu on it… let that absorb then some Unkers. Still hurts but it’s holding . Have my kelso earth shoes on they seem to make a significant positive difference with my knees so I’ll just see how the day goes. The bugger is grinding pretty good this morning. The worst thing I could do is not use it… so tough on the grinding I’m taking the trash out to the burn bin.

I made a pen out of sheet metal steel posts and grates across the top to cut down on fire hazard. After this bin fills up with ashes, I’ll break it down and move it to another spot in the chicken yard. The chickens and other birds us the ashes to dust in. No mites on my feathered friends… lol…

Heard pheasant call again this morning. That sound always makes me smile.

Life is a journey... appreciate the moments.
Mary E. Robbins
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